Discover a suite of innovative features designed to elevate your fishing experience, blending advanced technology with a community-driven approach.

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Plan Your Perfect Catch

Utilize precise solunar predictions to determine the most promising fishing times, optimizing your chances for a successful catch.

Explore and Record

Seamlessly track your routes, mark your favorite spots, and pin locations for catches and landmarks on an intuitive, easy-to-navigate map.

Share Your Fishing Tales

Connect with fellow anglers in our 'Catch Diary'. Post your fishing experiences, share stories, and exchange tips within our vibrant community.

Instant Recognition, Detailed Insights

Capture a photo and let our AI instantly identify the fish species, size, and weight, providing you with valuable insights instantly.

Fishing Fun, Elevated

Engage in a gamified fishing journey, complete with scores, achievements, and friendly competition to add an exciting dimension to your fishing trips.

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Get real-time weather updates and forecasts tailored to your fishing location, ensuring you’re always prepared for the conditions ahead.

Gear Up Smartly

Organize your fishing trips with our customizable gear checklist, ensuring you never forget the essentials for your angling adventures.


Get ready to revolutionize your fishing experience with Fishing Pro, officially launching this December 2023! Sign up early to join our community of anglers and enjoy exclusive benefits as an early bird!


Fishing Pro is an innovative app designed for fishing enthusiasts. It combines AI-powered insights, solunar predictions, a map with tracking features, and a social platform for anglers to share their experiences.
Your privacy is our priority. You have full control over who can see your fishing data. Choose to keep it private, share it with friends, or make it visible to your followers.
The free version of Fishing Pro offers basic features with some limitations. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks the full package of advanced features without restrictions.
'Friends' are other users who you've connected with and approved. 'Followers' are users who follow your account to see your public posts and updates.
Yes, e.g. store owners can promote equipment on Fishing Pro. Once you reach 200 followers, verify your store affiliation via email to create a commercial account and add promotional links.


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